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Glastonbury 2023: All the best fashion at the biggest UK festival of the year

Glastonbury is drawing to a close, as thousands of attendees have camped out at Worthy Farm for three days of music at the biggest festival in the world.

On Sunday 25 June, Sir Elton John will round out this year’s edition with a special headlining set that marks his first time at Glastonbury – as well as his final UK tour performance ever, Festival-goers will be watching the Pyramid Stage keenly, as John is expected to bring out four special guest collaborators.

Other big-ticket acts included Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’Roses, Royal Blood, Kelis, and a surprise Foo Fighters set that wasn’t nearly as surprising, in the end.

Get live updates on Glastonbury 2023 here.

The event is also known for attracting some of the most edgy and chic sartorial looks that informed fashion festivals all around the world. Famously, celebrities including Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and Sienna Miller have sparked trends while attending the major events.

Although the fashion festival has changed drastically over the years, this year’s Glastonbury can still expect to see some head-turning outfits, as revellers trot out their hardest gear amid the sun and rain forecasts for the next few days.

Here are our favorite looks at the festival so far:

Ready, set, match

Festivalgoers enjoy the summer sunshine on day two of the Glastonbury festival in the village of Pilton in Somerset

(AFP via Getty Images)

They got the matching outfits memo.

(Glastonbury/Anna Barclay)

Matching group outfits is a great way to make a statement as well as keep an eye on the members of your squad at all times. Lost Jessica? Just look for the girl vibing in the Healing Fields in the same outfit as you.

Sporty chic

Mel C performs at William’s Green during day two of Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm

(Getty Images)

Sporty Spice Mel C wearing an “Alexa, Play Spice Girls” t-shirt during her set on Thursday (23 June).

Flower power

Pat Watling from the Isle of Man poses for a photo wearing her homemade floral hat on day one of Glastonbury Festival 2023

(Getty Images)

Are flower crowns a little 2010? Perhaps, but they’re classic festival-wear for a reason. This version is bright and vibrant, and most importantly, BIG. We love a good flower crown.

Kilt calm and carry on

Maisie Peters performing on the Pyramid Stage on Thursday afternoon (23 June)


Singer-songwriter Maisie Peters wearing a Chopva Lowena tartan skirt on the Pyramid Stage.

Flying high

A festival goer wearing inflatable wings walks among the crowd during the first day of the Glastonbury festival

(AFP via Getty Images)

Inflatable wings are certainly an unusual choice, but look perfectly in the right place at Glastonbury. We just hope he looks where he’s going, or someone’s going to get a face full of wings.

Feeling green

Festival goers gather at the stone circle for the sunset on day one of Glastonbury Festival 2023 on June 21, 2023

(Getty Images)

We can’t tell if this guy is trying to blend in with the foliage behind him, but he’s doing a pretty good job of it. 10/10 camouflage skills.

Dress for the weather you want

Harriet Holt ahead of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset


This huge wide-brimmed feather hat screams “sunshine” and will be sure to keep the excellent weather going in Somerset – even when the sun slips behind a cloud.

Smile, boys

Festival-goers enjoy the morning sun as they sit outside their tents at the start of day two of Glastonbury Festival 2023

(Getty Images)

Don’t feel like smiling? Let your head do it for you.

Suited and booted

Festival-goers wear matching costumes at the start of day two of Glastonbury Festival 2023 on June 22, 2023

(Getty Images)

These lads look like they know how to have a good time. Is the one in pink their leader?

All that glitters

A festivalgoer in a unicorn headband and heart-shaped sunglasses at the Glastonbury Festival


Could you get any more extra with festival wear? The commitment to wearing every single festival-appropriate item is one to be admired.

Brolly up

Festivalgoers use parasols to shelter from the sun at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm


A sure fire way to jazz up your Glastonbury outfit is to carry the brightest, juttiest umbrella you can find, just like these folks.

Daylight robe-ery

Festivalgoer Sophie Holloway, 35, from Devon, at the Glastonbury Festival


This is probably the most chic way we’ve ever seen a kimono-style dressing gown being worn outdoors, in public.


Festivalgoer Alex McGuire, from Taunton, wearing an Elton John Pyramid Stage hat at the Glastonbury Festival


An impressive effort to make a model and wear it on your head for an entire head. We hope he gets himself a good spot for Elton.

Piping hot

Festivalgoers Maria Lovit, aged 40, from London, at the Glastonbury Festival


Who said that pipe cleaners couldn’t be a fashion accessory? A DIY effort to be marveled at.

Pretty in pink

On Fridays we wear pink: Y2K fashion at Glastonbury

(Kate Hutchinson/The Independent)

A matching moment straight out of Mean Girlsthis ensemble look is both a tribute to Y2K fashion and the legacy of The Plastics.

Evening out

Kelis came to the party, dressed in a sparkly yellow two-piece for her first headline show


“This is not a show, this is a party,” Kelis announced, wearing an outfit that absolutely set the agenda. Nothing screams “summer party” like a sparkly, yellow two-piece. Read Kate Hutchinson’s four-star review of Kelis’s first headline Glastonbury show here.

All that glitters

Sophie Ellis-Baxtor at Glastonbury

(Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

Sophie Ellis-Bextor sparkled on-stage in a gold, sequin-covered bodysuit, as she delivered a full set of disco bangers.

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