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The Witcher’s Anya Chalotra wears Magda Butrym to season 3 premiere

“I’m still collecting myself,” Anya Chalotra says The Witcher premiere, which took place in London this week. “It was so nice to celebrate what we’ve been working on for such a long time, with my family there as well.”

The actress pulled out all the stops to celebrate the return of the Netflix hit – now in its third season – in which Chalotra plays the formidable Yennefer of Vengerberg.

What does one wear for such a special event? The actress opted for a striking Magda Butrym ensemble featuring a floral bodice with a matching black slip skirt, effortlessly falling just below the ankle. She emphasized the feminine edge of Butrym’s aesthetic with a sleek side-parting and a soft glossy lip.

Here, Chalotra talks to Bazaar about finding her confidence on the red carpet, working with her stylist and why her mother will always be her ultimate fashion icon.

Please talk us through your look for the premiere – why does it feel like such a good fit for you?

“My stylist Nicky [Yates] and I decided to go for a Magda Butrym two-piece that’s very classic but with a twist, which is something we’re always looking for. The outfit made me feel so comfortable, which is always needed when you’re on the red carpet as it can be quite nerve-racking. The look was minimal, yet online, and just popped in a different way which I loved.”

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Arun Chalotra

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How do you decide which brands you want to work with?

“Rather than being exclusive to one brand, it’s all about the aesthetics and physicality fitting my personality. I love one-off pieces that are made well – I buy a lot of secondhand items that I know will last and that I can wear again and again, which will always make me feel good.”

How involved do you tend to be with the styling process?

“Very involved. Nikki is the most wonderful person and stylist – she is so open to hearing what I have to say about where I’m at and how I’m feeling. There are often points where I want a certain piece as soon as I see it on a rail, or even on a catwalk, and I can’t wait to try it on. Then we get it in the room, and it doesn’t work for me. Then, there are some things that I’ m not sure about and she asks me to trust her; I try it on and I feel great. It’s a real collaborative process.”

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Arun Chalotra

What kind of fashion makes you feel your most confident?

“Things that are simple and true to me. Less is often more. I like to wear things that can make me sink into the background and equally make me shine if I want to. It’s brilliant when you get those outfits that can really do both .”

How has your style evolved over the years?

“My style has really evolved as my confidence has developed. I used to borrow ideas, quirks and certain fashion trends from others. But now, I am understanding more about myself and what my body feels good in. It’s all about that feeling.”

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Arun Chalotra

What has been your most memorable fashion moment in recent years and why?

“Most of my favorite fashion moments are often behind the scenes rather than on camera. Last night’s premiere felt like a big moment for me and I really loved the outfit. Again, it’s really all about the feeling for me when I wear something, as it’s scary sometimes at those premieres. Even if you might not feel that confident inside, you can feel great because the clothes you carry.”

Whose style have you always admired and why?

“I’ve always admired my mom’s style – she’s always been such an elegant woman. Her shoe closet is incredible. She’s two sizes bigger than me which is such a shame as she’s saved them all for me and my sisters. I also love Nineties Kate Moss, so it’s those two combined.”

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Arun Chalotra

What is your ideal getting-ready set-up?

“For premieres, it’s a bit different as I’ve got my team around me. My ideal set up would be really quick; I’ll have my skin prepped and have my hair washed and feeling good. In terms of prepping my skin, it’s all about drinking loads of water. I also love the 111Skin masks, I used them all throughout the last year and they really changed my skin. I love keeping the getting-ready process quite minimal so it’s not a super-long process for me .”

ask chalotra

Arun Chalotra

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