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Style Guide: 10+ Casual Outfits From BLACKPINK’s Lisa For Those Who Don’t Want To Show Off Much Skin

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a certified modern day style icon! The K-Pop idol has an Instagram following of over 94 million people who love her fashion sense.

She has several outfits that she wore on Instagram that are both stylish and modest. Check them out below!

1. Gray Hoodie

First up, Lisa upgraded a simple oversized hoodie with a black coat and sunglasses.

2. Coachella

She rocked the Coachella after hours in a long sleeved shirt and jeans combination.

3. Ayutthaya

She covered her knees and shoulders as required on a trip to Ayutthaya, Thailand, with a maxi skirt and blouse.

4. Sundresses

She looked lovely in a sundress while also being cool sporting a baseball cap.

5. Picnic Lunch

The “cottagecore” theme was strong in her picnic-by-the-river outfit.

6. Flowers On White

She was equally enthralling in a cream colored top with flowers printed on it.


For a more trendy look, she donned denim-on-denim pieces.

8. Staple Closets

In both her visit to France…

…and her trip to Thailand, she dressed in her favorite white long sleeve and jeans outfit.

9. The Basics

Lisa’s closet proves that a stylish outfit is often based on the basics.

10. Stripes Upgraded

Her simple striped shirt was given a fun touch up with sequins.

11. Oversized Polo

Layering oversized clothing is one of her foolproof ways to make casual outfits cool.

12. Cat Mom

Finally, she was laid back and mature in her photoshoot with her cats while wearing a flowy white blouse.

Source: Instagram


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