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Sreejita De, Bigg Boss 16’s Party Style Queen

It’s called #Sreestyle.

Big Boss 16 contestants Sreejita De prefer carefully selected dresses of any length, many of them shiny; white is a go-to color; and she often does the original shundar Bengali sari look with panache.

The television actress, popular as Uttaran‘s Mukta and Nazar‘s Dilruba, takes ‘a lot of pride in being herself’ and hopes to cruise through 2023 in ‘traditional elegance’.

IMAGE: A wall of pink roses accessories Sreejita’s Little White Dress that hugs every curve meticulously, like she was born in it.
It’s a nifty LWD — twisted, crisscross halter-neck, ruched skirt and a cutout bodice.
Pops of color: Red lipstick, yellow nails with coconut tree silhouettes.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Sreejita De/Instagram

IMAGES: 2 States: The Bong Beauty, in her explosion-of-flowers mini, adds exuberance to the serene Panjim landscape.

IMAGE: You don’t have to always wear a reveal-all swimsuit to a pool bar — it’s more spicy to dress up a tad, in structured banker-style pinstripes on a bralette and boxer shorts.

IMAGE: ‘Be it a game of casino or Life we ​​need to keep winning’ says the Haldia girl on a date night at a Goan casino with the German chap from Hamburg she got engaged to, Michael Blohm-Pape.
In the elegant mushroom-hue satin slip maxi, with groovy black heels and the boxy clutch, jeet tumhari hiSreejita.

IMAGES: Chota black dresses have solid power invested in them. The power to break hearts, break ice, break the mold, break a bank etc etc.
Sreejita’s shimmering birthday number drips off of her like hot tar.

IMAGE: The leafy, biodegradable-looking garb brings the tropical forest walking into the room.
She thanks everyone for making her smile every day. With a bright red smile like that who could resist returning.

IMAGE: More foliage on the cascading lehenga skirt and cropped top.
Attitude Girl. Dilrubaaaa. Her fans have a bagful of nicknames for her.
Or ‘Your beauty crashes my heart’.
Yup, Sreejita, Keep Calm and Carry on Crashing Hearts.

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