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‘Polished casual’: Greater Victoria boutique expands into men’s fashion

David Holmes/Contributors

Already a leader in quality, but affordable women’s fashions, Sidney’s Moden Boutique has now ventured into the world of men’s clothing with the same zest and creative eye that has been pleasing its customers for the past five years.

Opening at the beginning of May, Modern Men’s now brings that philosophy of everyday quality to a male audience.

“My partner and I opened a menswear store in a beautiful 100-year-old building in Sydney on May 1. I’ve had Moden as a ladieswear store since late 2018, opening Moden Essentials right next door in 2021, all with the goal of providing quality clothing and accessories at accessible prices,” said co-owner Devon Bird.

“With the opening of Moden Men’s, we’re wanting to fill that same window of need. Men like good quality clothing just like women, and a lot of men’s clothing is bought by women, so we felt it was important to continue with our focus on good quality and lasting value.”

Located at 9813 Third St. in Sidney, the outlet is conveniently located only a block and a half from the existing Moden stores in a distinctive 2,700-square-foot structure that formerly served as a gardening centre. Working with her life and business partner Anami Vakil, Bird is kept busy sprinting between the various stores throughout the workday.

“I’m certainly getting my steps in,” she joked.

Regardless of the Moden customer gender, there is a consistent theme to the range of products the operation offers.

“The intention is that these are the pieces you’re going to be wearing every day – we call it ‘polished casual’ or ‘elevated everyday’ clothing,” Bird said.

“While we do have some suits, they are all going to be machine washable. The pants and shirts and other things we sell are the kinds of clothing you’re likely going to be wearing six days per week. Everyday stuff, not overly casual, not high end, but that great middle-of-the-road type of product.”

With more than a dozen employees between the three Moden outlets, the firm has become a significant local employer, supporting the local community that she and her partners have come to love.

“We feel this store, which serves Sidney and beyond, is the perfect marriage of everyday fashion, a destination for most of your clothing needs,” she said.

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