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‘King The Land’ Episodes 1-2 Fashion: Yoona As Cheon Sa-Rang

Set against a backdrop of a heated inheritance battle, a charismatic heir finds himself at odds with his diligent employee, whose enchanting smile he simply cannot resist. This narrative unfolds in the recently premiered K-drama, ‘King the Land. If the plot isn’t interesting enough on its own, the female lead Yoona may convince you otherwise. Not only does she possess unmatched beauty and renowned acting skills, but her fabulous fashion choices showcased throughout the show are a feast for the eyes.

With that being said, it’s time to delve into the stunning looks Yoona showcased in the first two episodes!

Yoona's Fashion in Korean Drama 'King The Land' Episodes 1-2

Yoona’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘King The Land’ Episodes 1-2

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Look #1

Yoona pulled off a perfect classy look in the first episode, thanks to Jigott’s double-button jacket and H-line skirt.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 1-1

Look #2

You don’t have to go overboard with jewelry to complete your look, and Yoona demonstrates this perfectly by complimenting her stylish outfit with ENGBROX’s refined pearl layered necklace.

Look #3

She pulled off a flawless classy look once again, donning a signature jacket and suit pants from Jigott.

Look #4

Yoona exuded a fashionable vibe as she made an appearance in the chic scoop neck three-quarter sleeve flared dress from BAU by Bride And You.

Look #5

She kept it cute and simple by wearing a T-shirt from And You.

Look #6

Clad in the cozy lettering zip sweatshirt and matching pants from MUDIDI, one can only imagine the level of comfort Yoona enjoyed in this scene.

Look #7

Elevating her casual chic look with a dash of elegance, Yoona accessorized with a shoulder bag from Prada.

See #8

She showcases unmatched beauty by coupling a stunning ribbed knitted dress from Self-Portrait with a small bag from Delvaux.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 2-3

Look #9

Finally, feast your eyes on the dazzling look of Yoona in Miu Miu’s sequined tweed jacket and matching sequined tweed miniskirt.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 2-4

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