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IVE ‘I Am’ Outfits & Fashion Breakdown

Ever since IVE came out with the lead single ‘I Am’ from their album ‘I’ve Ive’, we have not been able to get the tune out of our heads. In the track, the girls not only showcased their vocal strengths but also perfected their harmonies.

The music video is a fun one, with sky-high scenes and synchronized moves. It also doesn’t fall short in terms of fashion as IVE‘s glamor is on full display. So, don’t hesitate to check out what they wore below:

A Fashion Breakdown On IVE's I Am MV

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IVE’s ‘I Am’ MV Fashion

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin’s first look with the asymmetric denim skirt from Kimhekim oozed confidence and charm. She went with over-the-top crystal-embellished drop chain earrings from Alessandra Rich to suit the vibe of the outfit.

Yujin’s Look #2

Here, she picked a boxy pinstripe wool blazer, also from Alessandra Rich, to form a super stylish outfit.

IVE I Am MV Kpop Fashion - Yujin - Look 2

Yujin’s Look #3

Yujin then changed into a black rib knit cutout tank top from K. NGSLEY and styled it with dark leather pants.

IVE I Am MV Kpop Fashion - Yujin - Look 3

Rei’s Look

Rei stepped out in a pair of crystal-embellished leather ankle boots from KHAITE. It is a choice that takes her outfit to the next level.

Gaeul’s Look

Gaeul made a bold fashion statement in Alessandra Rich’s crystal-embellished pinstripe crop top and belted skirt, combined with a fur-lined cropped jacket.

Liz’s Look

Liz wore a gold ribbon pearl necklace from NUMBERING to distinguish her look from the group outfit.

Wonyoung’s Look

In a look that coordinated with the members, Wonyoung got her cutout top from Helmut Lang.

IVE I Am MV Kpop Fashion - Wonyoung - Look 1

Leeseo’s Look

As for Leeseo, she opted for a cowl neck long-sleeve top from SIO.

IVE I Am MV Kpop Fashion - Leeseo - Look 1

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