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Halifax designer launches Afro-western clothing line

Not all outfits have the power to command a room, but Blessing Owowa’s eye-catching pieces are hard to miss.

“I really like bold, catchy, attractive colors,” said Owowa. “When I came here, I came with that same mentality.”

Bright and vivid geometric designs are common in her home country of Nigeria.

“People wear a lot of color back home,” said Owowa. “They even go as far as wearing a very colorful dress to work at their white-collared jobs.”

When the educator moved to Canada in 2020, she felt inspired to find a fashion fusion between her two homes. Her Afro-western clothing line, DB Pearlz Designs, blends African textiles with western wear.

“My brand is all about blending both western and African pieces together to make unique pieces.”

Owowa started off designing a jacket and has since expanded into dresses, pants, shoes and custom-made items along with a best-seller, a one-sleeved print sweater design.

“I encourage people as much as possible to send me pictures of them wearing my pieces,” said Owowa.

Owowa recently opened a shop on Windsor Street in Halifax, and regularly attends local farmers markets.

She hopes to evoke confidence in others through her pieces, along with sharing her journey of becoming a business as a newcomer to Canada.

“I just want to inspire a lot of other women who may not believe in themselves that they can be what they want to be.”

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