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They are generally manufactured from gold as the metal is deemed worthy and pure for the deities. In modern times, south Indian women wear this jewelry on necessary events similar to New Year’s and weddings. As you rummage fondly via it, you discover loads of diamante rings set in gold or silver.

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Jewelry items are a mixture of anklets and toe rings. They start on the ankle, adorn the foot, and finish in a toe ring. This is a bit of jewelry made up of several dangling chains that are secured to a belt.

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Rings are small round jewelry items worn on the fingers. They can be worn as a fashion statement and social symbol. There are completely different bracelet varieties, based on their structure and the fabric used. An armlet, also called an arm cuff, is a bracelet worn on the higher part of the arm. It is often made from precious steel and will have a precious stone attached.