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“La Vacanza” Collection-Hottest Fashion of the Year!

WE’RE LEVITATING! The fashion vine is shaking as news hits from a Dua Lipa x Versace collaboration. The collection is for the women’s sector and will incorporate Dua Lipa’s sultry, edgy personal style with Versace’s signature opulence. I’m other words, FABULOUSITY times ten!

Furthermore, we love us some Versace clothing from the decadent gold to the bolderous color tones as well as gorgeous silhouettes. It’s exciting to see the fashion house branch out to collaborate with stylish individuals to bring a fresh new perspective. And what’s a better choice than Dua Lipa?

Her style is fun, risky and glamorous. And she’s already been an apart of the Versace family. In 2021 Dua Lipa stars in the Fall/Winter campaign and since then has walked on the Versace runway and worn Versace garb to music’s biggest night, The Grammy’s.

Therefore, this is a collaboration that makes sense. It is not forced. And we are here for it!

Dua Lipa x Versace : “La Vacanza” Collection-Hottest Fashion of the Year!

So let’s get into a few details. Versace is keeping lips tight with this release; however, there are some things and dates to know. Regarding the upcoming collab the luxury label says,

“Donatella and Dua Lipa joined together to design the Versace High Summer “La Vacanza” women’s collection.

Watch the co-designed styles debut on Tuesday, May 23rd in Cannes, France. The Collection will be available in stores and at immediately following the show.”

Nevertheless, what do the two designers themselves have to say about their upcoming couture project together? TONS! The two iconic collaborators recently gushed all about their collaborative efforts. Singer and entertainer, Dua Lipa states,

“I am absolutely thrilled to have co-designed the women’s La Vacanza” collection for Versace with Donatella. She and I have formed such a strong bond over the years. And I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from her and the whole team since the very beginning of my career.

For her to give me the honor of co-designing this collection and letting all my summer inspirations go wild; has been a dream. I am so very proud of this collection and cannot wait for it to debut in Cannes.”

We can’t wait either! However, what about the fabulous Donatella? she mentions,

“I have always been inspired by a collaborative design process. Working with Dua on this collection [is] very exciting and I love the dynamic between us. Dua is strong, fearless and free and her creative vision is exceptional.

Summer is a magical time. We will capture this feeling and the colors of that time of the year with a truly special and intimate fashion show in Cannes.”

Sounds amazing and we cannot wait to see this all unfold. Be sure to check back often, because we will have more updates for you very soon!

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